Amsterdam Spooky Experience

Amsterdam Spooky Experience

Hidden stories about the cities darkest houses now reveal spine-tingling mysteries and sinister secrets. Bloodthirst and goosebumps,

Discover an Amsterdam too disturbing for daylight in this mysterious show

There were spirits in canal houses, churches, hotels and museums. Even the Royal Palace on Dam Square is not ghost-resistant! Are you not afraid? Then creep with us, at one of the most haunted locations of the city: theater restaurant Casablanca, Zeedijk 24, only a few meters away from the legendary Ghost alley.

In the intimate theater where the staff was once startled by a wandering spirit of an unknown woman hostess / singer Tessa Hoss (Wilma Bakker) and ghost story expert Corrie Verkerk will take you on a supernatural adventure full of blood-curdling ballads, sinister narratives and inexplicable folk tales and legends.

Venture beyond the shadows among the wandering souls, demonic apparitions and restless spirits. Recorded from the mouths of those who have long since turned to dust, but raise their voice once more through the medium.

The Amsterdam Spooky Experience includes, in addition to the intimate show, a three course menu (excluding drinks) in the unique Casablanca restaurant that is all about different ones legends: those of the immortal circus.

Watch from huge posters magicians on your plates and on a small video wall behind the bar you marvel at "superhuman" performances.

Our spooky team and the ghost lady of Casablanca are ready to help you, even

in the middle of summer, deliver the shivers down your back ...

Amsterdam Spooky Experience
Saturday june ,22 & 29 june , july 6 & 13 july
Start show 16.30 uur
15 euro
42,50 euro included dinner in Casablanca after the show
Online Tickets link (click here)


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