Nederlands / English
Cheese dish (a nice glass of port perhaps)11,00
Melon ice cream with fresh melon.8,50
Charlie Rival
Bretons apple pie with macaroons liqueur11,00
1 ice ball1,50
Whipped cream1,00
Kingston Cops
Whipped cream puffs with hot chocolate sauce9,00
Créme Brûlée8,00
Whipped cream1,00
Ice with whipped cream fruit coulis8,50
“Dressed up” cup of coffee8,00
Whipped cream1,00
Les Fratelini
Crêpe Suzette(thin pancake with ice and Grand Marnier)10,00
Whipped cream1,00
Banaan extra ordinaire with ice and advocaat10,00
Whipped cream1,00
Bello Nock
Chocolate fondantcake9,00
Whipped cream1,00
Dessert wine6,00
Make a choice
Dutch apple pie
English cheese cake
French tarte au citron
American sticky toffee cake4,50
Let us know if you are allergic

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