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  Our maincourse will be served with homemaid french fries and salad with tomato.
Rigolo: Really beautiful fillet steak150 gram26,50
Krone: Really beautiful fillet steak200 gram32,50
Bouglione: Really beautiful fillet steak300 gram42,50
Barnum and Baily400 gram52,50
Holiday: U.S.A. fillet firm180 gram22,50
Sarrasani: Veal with sauce Napolitana or Madeira.25,00
Boltini: Le foie de Veau. Lightly-fried-veal-liver with bacon, onion rings and apple.24,00
Renz: Mixed grill ossenhaas, varkenshaas, kipfilet en lamskotelet25,00
II Florilecchio: Grilled Entrecote with Roquefort sauce 200 gram.25,00
Althoff: As mentioned above but then 300 gram.33,00
Carré: Lambchops grilled23,00
Pinder: Fillet of Sole, freshly-caught and prepared in butter. (500-600 gramm)46,00
Bongo: sludge sole (if available)18,95
Monaco: Fillet of sole 400 gram (if available) 33,00
Orfei: Steak tartare (org French made)17,50
Knie: 6 king-size Shrimps served in garlic.37,00
Billy Smart: Bakes cod in light creamy cheese sauce with herbs from the Provence.23,00
Bush Roland: Fillet of see bass, grilled or out of the oven with Mediterranean sauce.24,00
Amar: Fish terrine with vegetables23,00
Roncalli: Vegetarian dish de Chef19,00
Flic-Flac: Baked trout19,50

Side dishes

Extra French fries € 2,50/extra salad with tomato and dressing € 2,50. Spinach € 2,50 Baked onions € 2,50, haricots verts € 3,50, Champignons € 3,50, a different kind of baked potatoes € 3,50. These will be served separately for your convenience. Your meals will prepared using either topquality. For the sauces we charge an additional € 3,50 each. Pepper, Wild forrest mushrooms, Garlic, Roquefort, Fire-eater.

Let us know if you are allergic

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