Nederlands / English
Poached egg in Roquefort sauce (vega)9,50
Black Tower Circus
3 cheese croquettes with baked parsley (vega) 11,50
Adagio Acrobatiek
2 big shrimps croquettes 14,50
6 Master Chapiteaux
Snails in white wine, garlic, parsley and butter sauce9,50
Dutch shirmps on toast, whisky sauce seperately served18,50
Cut smoked salmon marinated with basil on toasted bread13,00
Smoked eel on toast19,50
Alberto Courtial
Goatcheese salad with honey-thijm dressing and pinenuts (vega) 13,00
Pas De Deux
2 original Vietnamese eggrolls with mint, green lettuce and sauce (vega)11,50
Marco en Philip Peeters
Duckliver paté with sweet marmalade dressing15,00
With complementary glass of desert wine (Vin Doux)19,00
Big Top
Gooseliver paté on toast22,50
With complementary glass of desert wine (Vin Doux)25,00
De Capos
3 big grilled gamba’s in garlicbutter21,00
Green salat, tomato’s and tip of fillet of beaf14,00
Salto Mortale
Baked trout (also available as main course)15,00
Pasta carré’s with and fillet with sundried tomato in piquant tomato sauce9,50
Truppe Salvo
Bisque d’Homard (based on original French recipe) lobstersoup16,00
Les Coty’s
Due Steffi
3 lobster croquettes 14,90
Baked mushrooms on toast (vega)9,50
Soup of the day6,50
Fillet of beef carpaccio13,00
Pasta scampi alio e olio9,50
Smoked salmon with basil and capers 14,00
We don’t mind if you take 2 or 3 starters instead of a maincourse. Let us know if you are allergic

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